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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The needs of our human body are very less but due to the influence of illusion we create a mountain of needs and spend our life to fulfill them. In this way, our precious human life is deprived of achieving its main objective of attaining GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

How much food does our small stomach need to eat three times a day ? How much roof do you need to protect your body from nature ? How many clothes are needed to cover the body ? But see the misfortune of man that for these bread, clothes and house, he spends his precious human life completely. This is not the proper use of human life.

We should use our human life in the right direction. The human species is the best among all the 8.4 million species. This human birth can become our last birth if we use it properly. The right use of human life is in attaining GOD by undertaking devotion.

But we use our human life for bread, cloth and house. Because of this, we have to wander again in 8.4 million species. The Scriptures and saints draw our attention to the fact that we are expected to use human life properly but we work in the exact opposite direction. The Scriptures and saints say that the most merciful and most gracious GOD has given us human life by compassion and after fulfilling the need of living a life, we should use it mainly for attaining GOD.

It is often seen that we spend our human life in enjoyment and collection. We accumulate for up to seven generations. But we do not assess what will happen to us in the next birth, where and in which species we will be in. We fail to keep our own interest which is possible only with the efforts made in human life. Even after accumulating for seven generations, no one will even know our name after seven generations. But if we have undertaken the means of our welfare after getting human life, then GOD will graciously free us from the movement of the worldly cycle and will give us a place in His Divine Lotus Feet.

GOD has given us this precious human life to attain GOD through devotion. Scriptures, saints and devotees guide us in the same direction. Even after this, if we are not able to do this, then it will be our foolishness and our misfortune.

Human life should be lived in such a way that after this there should be no need to take birth again. Devotion is the only remedy for this which is a very simple, easy and ecstasy providing means. Only if our life is used for the attainment of GOD through devotion, then only our human life will be successful and blessed and devotion will also ensure our welfare and will liberate us.

English Translation done with GOD's inspiration by Sheelnidhi Gupta