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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD is one and we are all children of that one GOD but due to the division of religion and creed, how much our differences have increased due to which GOD also feels sad. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

All the Scriptures are unanimous that there is only one GOD in the whole universe. No matter how many religions there may be, how many sects there may be under those religions but the authority of GOD is the same. The same GOD has many forms according to different religions and sects. The method of worship of all religions and sects is different but all that worship reaches to the same GOD.

But see the misfortune of man that even though only one GOD is there and being His followers, they differ, fight among themselves. They do not fail to show their GOD, their religion and their creed as high and GOD, religion, and the sect of the others, to be inferior to their own.

We should understand that GOD will be surprised to see that how much His children differ, how much they fight in His name. If we see one thing as fact, we will understand our stupidity.

No one has ever seen, found or heard that GOD in His various forms is fighting under any theology. No Sage, Saint, Maulavi, Peer would have ever had such an experience anywhere but people of different religions have been fighting foolishly in the name of GOD.

We should consider the Supreme GOD as one form which has thousands of forms. But look at the misfortune of the creature and see his confused intellect that he quarrels over different forms of GOD.

But one who is blessed by GOD and by devotion gets knowledge He learns the art of seeing different forms of GOD. He sees all the forms of his GOD with equal vision and his distinction intelligence is destroyed forever.

Then he starts respecting every religion, every sect. He believes that everyone has access to the same Supreme GOD. Different forms of the same Supreme GOD are worshiped in different ways. He sees no difference between religions but sees harmony.

In all religions, there is the law for worship, praise of the one Supreme GOD. The method may be different for everyone. What difference does it make that even if one reaches GOD by any method when everyone has access to the same GOD.

If by GOD's grace we get such a vision that we start seeing only one GOD in every form, then the differences of every religion, every sect ends. Then such a brotherhood is established, seeing which even the Supreme Father GOD is pleased.

Therefore, we should give up the folly of quarreling in the name of one GOD or establishing the superiority of our religion and sect. We should bow down to every form of GOD and every religion, every sect should be respected, only then GOD will be happy to see His children.

English Translation done with GOD's inspiration by Sheelnidhi Gupta