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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Without exclusiveness in devotion, attainment of GOD is not possible. We undertake devotion but do not bring exclusivity in our devotion so we are not able to attain GOD in life. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Many people believe that they undertake the devotion of GOD. There is nothing wrong in believing that. But we should ask our conscience whether our devotion is really exclusive ? Exclusiveness is the pride of devotion.

Only those have attained GOD who have exclusively undertaken devotion of GOD. Exclusiveness is very important in devotion. It is not possible to attain GOD without exclusiveness in devotion.

There is an immortal verse of Bhagwati MeeraBai "Mere to Girdhar Gopal, dusro na koi". "Mere to Girdhar Gopal" (GOD is mine), everyone agrees till this. "Dusro na koi" (no one else is mine), we miss out here because we do not have exclusiveness like Bhagwati MeeraBai.

GOD is also mine and wealth is also mine, GOD is also mine and family is also mine, GOD is also mine and business is also mine, this is not exclusiveness. The true definition of exclusiveness is that for GOD, "also" has to be replaced by "only". We are also of GOD and also of society, it is not exclusiveness. We are only of GOD, this is exclusiveness.

Many times we have been born in 8.4 million species and many times we have got a human body in it. But our devotion could not be proved due to lack of exclusiveness and therefore it did not give us a place in the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD, redeeming us from the bondage of birth and death. There is so much capability in devotion that if we bring exclusiveness in our devotion, then it leads to our welfare in the same birth and leads us to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

Due to the lack of exclusiveness in devotion we are wandering till today and we will keep on wandering till we are not able to bring exclusiveness in our devotion. Exclusiveness is essential for converting ordinary devotion into supreme devotion. GOD does not get pleased without exclusiveness, this is a sure principle.

If we undertake devotion without exclusiveness, we will get what we ask from GOD but we will not attain GOD. Until we attain GOD in our life, there will be no peace and rest.

It is not right to believe that the world is also mine and GOD is also mine. Here if we put "only" instead of "also" that only GOD is mine then only our salvation will be possible due to this exclusiveness. So far in so many previous births, we have put "also" for GOD, once in this birth, we should try to put "only" for GOD.

Only and only GOD is mine, when such exclusiveness comes, GOD takes full responsibility for the welfare of that creature. Both his present world and afterworld becomes better. We have been saying that GOD is "also" mine but GOD is hungry to hear the word "only" that someone might say that "only" GOD is mine.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta