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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The world follows wealth and considers the earning of wealth as paramount. GOD follows devotion and considers only those who undertake devotion as His most beloved. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Just as a man who earns money is dear to the worldly people, similarly, a person who undertakes devotion is beloved to Supreme Father GOD.

It is a custom of the world that a son who earns money is dear to his parents. A husband earning money is dear to his wife. A brother who earns money is dear to a sister. A father who earns money is dear to his son and daughter. This is the practice of the world but this practice does not work with GOD. On the contrary, only the creature who earns devotion is dear to GOD.

The world measures all relationships on the criterion of money. However a father brings wealth by dishonesty or by foul play, as long as he brings money home, he is loved by all. In the world, wealth has become the greatest means to gain fame and reputation. The world follows those who possess wealth.

But this practice does not work with GOD. GOD follows him who undertakes the devotion of GOD. GOD is never attracted by wealth, GOD is only and only overwhelmed by devotion. If a rich person has a lot of wealth but does not have devotion, he never gets the contiguity of GOD. On the contrary, a poor who does not have wealth but has reverence, devotion and love for GOD, in order to bless his life, GOD gives him His contiguity.

Just as nothing except wealth is beloved to the worldly person, in the same way nothing other than devotion is beloved to GOD. Devotion is most loved by GOD. GOD has even said in His Holy words that GOD follows His devotees so that the dust from the feet of the devotees rises up and falls on GOD and GOD becomes purified from it. Just think who is saying this. It is said by GOD who is the culmination of purity. But to establish the dignity of devotion, to increase the pride of devotion, to give respect to those who are engaged in devotion, GOD says so.

By coming into the world, if we had earned money only to make the world happy, then we have only dived into the worldly ocean and fetched pebbles. But to bless our human life, if we came into the world and earned devotion, then we were able to successfully dive into the worldly ocean and bring out pearls from the bottom.

Therefore, after coming into human life, the thing which is most beloved to GOD, we should earn it and that is the earning of devotion. Therefore, we should make our life devotional because the success of our human life lies in this.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta