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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The age of our living is not our real age. The Scriptures say that in the period of living life, the time we have taken out for GOD is our real age. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Someone attains seventy years of age, some live for eighty years, some live up to ninety years before dying. But have we ever wondered what our real age is ? What should be considered as the real age of a person who lived for ninety years ?

The Scriptures say that the time of life that we offered to GOD through devotion, worship, chanting, means and dedication will be counted in the calculation of our age. The time which we have not given to GOD in life will not be counted in our age.

A saint used to narrate a story in this regard as an illustration. He said that in ancient times there was a village where the names of the dead people of that village were written on stone in a public place. A person came to that village for some work and he saw that the names of many dead people were written on many stones. But someone's age was written as two years, someone’s three years, someone’s four years. At most the age of one dead person was written as eight years. The person was surprised to see that all the people of this village were short-lived and died at a young age. He dared to ask his curiosity to the head of the village. The village head said that all the people of his village have died after attaining a long lifespan but the rule of his village is that the real age of a person is considered based on the time given to GOD by undertaking devotion, worship, chanting and means. This meant that upon the death of a ninety-year old man, if he had given an hour daily to GOD, then his age is calculated accordingly and is written on the stone next to his name.

From this narration, we should learn how accurate the criteria this is for the calculation of age. The time that went in the remembrance of GOD, in means for GOD is our real age. Only that part of our human life is meaningful which we had offered to GOD. The Scriptures vindicate that our only and only priority in life should be GOD.

The devotee always asks GOD to write the same age in the books of GOD which he had offered in remembrance of GOD, in name chanting, in worship and in service offered to GOD and other means undertaken for GOD. This is the eternal truth and the conclusion of the Scriptures.

Therefore, one should strive to attain a big spiritual age by undertaking the devotion of GOD in life. We should always keep on increasing the time for GOD in life. The more time we will increase for GOD in life, the more successful we will make our human life.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta