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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: By holding the Holy finger of our Supreme Father GOD, we are as much assured as a small child is by holding his father's finger. If we hold the Holy finger of the Supreme Father in the worldly fair, then we will not have to worry about ourselves because GOD will worry for us. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we hold the Holy finger of GOD in life by taking the shelter of GOD, then we become assured and certain. We become assured of all adversity, distress and unfavourableness because it becomes the responsibility of GOD to protect us. We become certain that holding the Holy finger of GOD will ensure our welfare and salvation.

Just as a young child remains assured in his mother's lap, similarly, we must also become assured in life by taking the shelter of GOD. The full responsibility of the little child rests on his mother. The little child only holds his mother's lap. Similarly, GOD takes the full responsibility of the devotee, the devotee only has to hold the Holy finger of GOD.

Just like a mother takes full care of his young child and feeds him on time, gives him a bath, ensures his sleep, similarly, GOD takes full care of His devotee. The devotee only contemplates GOD and GOD takes his full care. The devotee always remains assured because he knows that there is GOD who will take care of him.

A father bounces off his little child high up with love but even after bouncing high, the child is not afraid of falling because he knows that his father will hold him in his arms when he comes down. Even while bouncing, the child laughs, he enjoys jumping because he has faith in his father. Similarly, in adversity, the devotees of GOD also feel merry because they have full faith in GOD and they know that GOD is always present to save them.

Just as a young child holds his father's finger in a fair and he has no worries, similarly, if we hold the Holy finger of the Supreme Father in the worldly fair, then we will have no worry.

If we want to be assured in life, then it is most beneficial to hold the Holy finger of GOD by taking the shelter of GOD. If a young child will not hold his father's finger, he will fall into the pit on the path but if he is holding his father's finger, his father will lift him in his lap and will make him cross the pit. Similarly, if we have caught the Holy finger of GOD in the complexities of the world, then GOD will sail us through it.

Therefore, if life is to be lived with pleasure in a true sense, then one should live only by taking shelter of GOD and by holding the Holy finger of GOD.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta