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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: When all our manhood fails and still the adversity tightens its grip, then in the end we remember GOD as the last option. But it is prudent to remember GOD as soon as the adversity comes and to go to the shelter of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In the end, we remember GOD. When in any adversity or in any unfavorable times, we put all our money power, intelligence, family support at stake and yet we lose and the adversity continues to increase, then in the end we remember GOD. An atheist who never remembered GOD throughout his life also goes to the shelter of GOD in such a time.

By the example of a big industrialist, we will be able to understand this fact. Imagine the wife and children of a very big industrialist were going somewhere in a big car. The car crashed in a major accident. The wife and children were heavily bleeding and got stuck in the car. They were somehow pulled out of the crashed car. The industrialist also reached the spot as soon as information reached him. He loved his wife and children more than his life. His factory and office workers also reached in large numbers. There was no concern about arranging money, so the process of shifting to the biggest hospital through the ambulance started immediately.

The industrialist was an atheist since childhood. He left in an ambulance with his wife and children heavily bleeding. The recognition of the industrialist was so much that doctors and nurses stood waiting in the hospital after making all the emergency preparations. On the way, his ambulance was being given way on every traffic signal because the administration also got into action due to his approach.

At that time, the ambulance doctor said that his wife and children were losing their breath. The situation is very serious and they may not reach the hospital alive. Hearing such a thing, the industrialist forgot all his approach and wealth and now in crisis, he started remembering only GOD. The industrialist, who was an atheist, now forgot everything and started praying continuously to GOD in his heart.

It is clear from this example that in distress, in adversity and in unfavorable times, everyone remembers GOD. In unfavorable times, we see no support other than GOD. GOD still supports those who lose their money power, intelligence and family support. Therefore, the saints have hailed GOD as the "supporter of the loser".

Therefore, one should always remember GOD even in favorable times and as soon as the signs of distress appear and the cloud of adversity comes into life, one should immediately go to the shelter of GOD without any delay. Only by doing so, we can get rid of that adversity and unfavorable times.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta