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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Our irony is that we do everything in our human life apart from the devotion of GOD and give the lowest priority to the devotion of GOD whereas it should be vice versa. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

One who did a lot of worldliness, did a lot of business, earned a lot of fame but forgot to earn the devotion of GOD, his human life has been unsuccessful. The success of human life is only and only in earning the devotion of GOD.

Who remembers how much worldliness one's grandfather's grandfather's grandfather has done, how much money he earned and how much fame he earned ? One does not even remember the name of his own ancestors six or seven generations ago, then what will he remember about their deeds. But on the contrary, the person who undertakes the devotion of GOD, the world remembers him for thousands and thousands of years. Today we remember Shri Prahladji, Shri Dhruvji, Bhagwati MeeraBai, Shri Narsiji Mehta, Shri Tulsidasji, Shri Surdasji with great respect, even if they are not our ancestors and we have no relationship with them.

Secondly, today one who does everything other than devotion and does not undertake the devotion of GOD has to wander in species after species. He constantly has to wander in 8.4 million species and has to take birth in aquatic, aerial, terrestrial and flora species. He never attains salvation and his journey of birth and death continues.

Apart from human life, all other species are enjoyment species. Only human life is meant for salvation in which one can be liberated through the devotion of GOD. But we waste this human life in doing everything else apart from devotion. We do worldliness which will be forgotten even after two generations. We earn money and property which is not going to work for us after death. Leave aside death, our earning of wealth cannot give us an extra moment of life, not even an extra breath.

Therefore, it is good to do everything else as a formality but only devotion in human life with true dedication is worth undertaking. This is the essence of all the Scriptures and all the sages and saints have rendered this fact in their speech. Only that person finds the pinnacle of human life who undertakes the devotion of GOD with true dedication in his human life.

Therefore, undertaking the devotion of GOD should be a mandatory means for everyone because that is what we got human life for. If we want to make human life successful and blessed, then we should undertake the devotion of GOD earnestly.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta