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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The shelter of GOD gives us great strength in the adversities of life and provides us salvation. In His Holy words in the Scriptures, GOD has given great importance to seeking His shelter. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Sometimes due to destiny great adversity comes in the life of a creature. Because of the accumulated sins of past lives and the absence of devotion of GOD in life, the creature is surrounded by great adversity and unfavorable conditions.

Sometimes the moment of adversity is so severe that suicide is the only option left to the creature. He goes into extreme depression and the only way left out to him is to end his life by suicide. The adversity has gripped him, his abilities to fight adversity are shattered and he believes that he has lost the battle of his life.

In such terrible adversity, he has another option left which he often ignores. This option is to take the shelter of GOD. When due to a devotee or saint, or due to the influence of Satsang (Holy discourse), he recognizes this option and is firmly assured in his mind that by this all his adversities will really come to an end, then he comes out of depression. This is because this is a much simpler and effective option than suicide.

By suicide, we destroy our precious human life. After wandering in so many species, in foolishness, we end the precious human life obtained as a result of the grace of GOD. On the other hand, by taking shelter of GOD, we come out of that adversity and also make our human life successful because taking the shelter of GOD is the only goal and purpose of human life.

Many devotees took shelter of GOD in utter adversity and at the last moment and GOD immediately saved them. It is our job to seek shelter and it is the work of GOD to protect and save the refugee. GOD has always been doing His work and will continue to do it but the mistake is committed by us. It is we who remain entangled in our adversity, go into depression, think of suicide but do not accept the simplest means than all these which is to seek the shelter of GOD.

As soon as we take shelter of GOD, the responsibility of protecting the creature and alleviating his suffering automatically falls on GOD. GOD carries out His responsibility very well. What a great assurance of GOD for everyone that if they come under the shelter of GOD under any circumstances, GOD immediately takes the responsibility of their salvation.

Living life by taking shelter of GOD is the best and the most successful. Therefore, the creature should take the shelter of GOD from the very beginning of life, so that the possibility of any inauspiciousness in his life comes to an end.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta