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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In times of adversity, the world gradually leaves us but there is only GOD who stands with us in even extreme adversity and gives us full support. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We feel that many people are standing with us but when adversity comes, only and only GOD will be seen standing with us. There is only GOD who stands with us from beginning to end.

We will understand this fact by looking at the example of a billionaire industrialist. When that industrialist was climbing top to peak and setting up industry after industry with success, a group of several hundred thousand of employees stood behind him. His entire family and a crowd of all relatives stood behind him. Now just imagine that he is no longer a billionaire, he suffers big losses, his industries are closed one after another. He is declared insolvent and has no money left. Now, how many people will be seen standing with him ? His employees would have left him, his relatives would have turned their back on him and even his family members would break-up with him. In the end, he is left all alone.

When there was success, the whole society was with him. When failure and adversity came, everyone left and shied away from him. In this way, it should be understood that the world is of self-interest.

It is only and only GOD who is with us even when we were nothing, even when we become very big and also when we are declined back to the ground. This is because GOD does not want anything from us in our success and the doors of GOD are never closed for us in our failure.

No matter how close a relationship you may analyze, a father-son, a brother-brother, a sister-brother, a husband-wife, but when adversity strikes and unfavorable times surrounds us then it would be once or twice, at most three-four times, very much five-six times, that they will help us. Then when they see that the process of asking for help is going on, one day tiredly they will close their doors for us forever. They will either start making excuses or will start avoiding us.

It is only GOD who is always available to us 24 hours, 365 days, throughout the years of our life and in various species in which we are born and He continues to help us. Till today, the doors of GOD have never been closed for anyone.

Therefore, in life, we should leave the world and hold on to the hands of GOD because the world is alien and only and only GOD is ours. The world is selfish and only GOD keeps a selfless relationship with us and loves us selflessly.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta