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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Goodness will be in life only if GOD is there in life and then only we will admire goodness. On the contrary, if the contiguity of GOD is not there in life, evil will sway in life and our minds will be engaged in evils. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If there is grace of GOD in life, we will hate evils and admire goodness. This is the criterion for measuring the grace of GOD in life whether we like evils or we like goodness. If we like goodness and if goodness is there in our life, then certainly there is the grace of GOD on us. On the contrary, if we like evils and if evils are there in our life, then we are deprived of the grace of GOD.

We need to self-check that how much the evils like immorality, stealing, lying, hypocrisy, lustfulness, etc., are in our life. We should also self-check how much morality, non-violence, equality, truth, honesty, celibacy is in our life. As we go into the laboratory and test our blood to find out what is wrong within us, similarly, we must investigate our own goodness and evil by our own self-check.

Just like after the blood tests, the doctor prescribes medicines and our disease starts to subside, similarly, after self-inspection, we should undertake Satsang (Holy discourse of GOD) and devotion of GOD, then only evil will disappear from within us and goodness will reside within us.

When we start to love to live in the contiguity of GOD, to serve GOD and to engage in Satsang (Holy discourse of GOD), then we should believe that GOD has showered grace in our life. Even then, we should always be careful that there should be no opposite deed done by us so that we may again be deprived of the grace of GOD because if the grace of GOD goes away from life, then the evils will affect us and the goodness will appear to us as a burden.

When goodness will appear as a burden to us, then the means of their abandonment automatically appears in our life. For example, a person does his business honestly. Then a chance came in his life to earn a lot of money by dishonesty and he redeemed the opportunity by renouncing his honesty. In doing so, he will experience happiness, cleverness and pride instead of grief and guilt.

Therefore, it should always be kept in mind that the grace of GOD should not go away from our life and we should remain conscious and cautious about it. For the grace of GOD not to go away from life, its greatest means is undertaking the devotion of GOD. The grace of GOD continuously showers on the devotee who undertakes devotion. Devotion brings us to the contiguity of GOD. When GOD comes into life, then goodness comes running behind because goodness is the shadow of GOD. Wherever GOD will go, goodness will follow automatically without being invited.

On the contrary, when GOD is not there in our life, evil has its influence. Evil lifts up its head and dances and even makes us dance. The only way to avoid the wrath of evils is to bring GOD to life. Without GOD, evils will not go, this certain principle should be accepted.

Therefore, GOD should be brought urgently into life by undertaking devotion. The success of human life lies in this. Only after doing this, the goodness will remain stable in life and the evils will not affect our life. We should perform such devotional means that the grace of GOD unfolds in our life and we should always be conscious and cautious for it.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta