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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Wandering in 8.4 million species is no less than a terrible pain. We can be free forever from this terrible pain by the efforts made in human life. But our misfortune is that we do not understand the importance of human life and waste our human life in vain. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Have we ever tried to understand the importance of human life that why we have got this life and what we should do in this life to make this life successful ?

To understand the importance of human life, let us look at some examples. Do we ever feel how much suffering a fish gets when entangled in a fisherman’s trap and aggrievedly dies without water. How fierce it is when a lion runs behind a deer and grabs its throat and kills it. How horrible it is when a dragon or snake swallows a rat and the rat suffocates in its mouth and dies. What a sad sight it is when a cat whirls the sparrow’s newborn baby and then kills it. How frightening it is when an eagle or owl catches a frog with its claws and flies and then throws it down on the ground to end its life. How horrible it is when a crocodile grabs a small aquatic creature with its teeth and kills it. How sad it is when a butcher kills a hen or goat with a jerk and even worse when the alive hen or goat sees this scene and becomes shocked by the fear that the next turn is theirs. How sad it is when the large leg of a human kills the small worms or ant forever by pressing it. Ask the pain received from an axe to a tree whose attack strikes its consciousness and the life of that tree ends.

Humans will also have to become fish, deer, rat, bird, frog, small aquatic animal, hen, goat, insects, ant, tree, etc., in all 8.4 million births and will have to suffer from all this pain. Human wanders in all these species and after all these sufferings, he gets the human body and then through this human body if he becomes of GOD through the devotion of GOD, he can forever get rid of the cycle of birth and death so that he does not have to go through this terrible pain cycle again.

Like other species, in human birth the creature does not have to suffer such terrible pain that can kill his life. Like other creatures, the life of a human is not in crisis so his life is favorable for remembering and undertaking the devotion of GOD.

But from the pain of other species, we experience a bigger pain in human birth when we miss the opportunity to become of GOD. This is because we habitually destroy a large part of our life in food, sleep and copulation. We do not try the means of salvation by getting entangled in earning food, sleeping and raising the family. Without attaining the blessings of GOD, we waste our life and then wandering in different species get trapped in the cycle of pain again.

Human life is a golden opportunity to break this cycle of terrible pain. By devotion, we can earn the grace of GOD and can get free from this terrible pain cycle and at the same time by attaining the contiguity of GOD we can achieve ecstasy after reaching the dwelling of GOD. We must understand the importance of human life and must make the right use of human life by undertaking the devotion of GOD and doing so should be the only goal of our human life.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta