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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The world does not have any solution to the problem of the creature. Its resolution is always with GOD. But the creature makes a mistake that he wants to solve the problem by telling it to the world and requesting a solution from the world, whereas he should plead his problems to GOD and then GOD will solve it immediately. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we tell any of our troubles or any problem to any other person without requesting it to our Supreme Father GOD, then this leads to disrespect towards GOD. This is because GOD is always available to redress our suffering and to rescue us from trouble.

Like a child who tells his trouble to the outside person without telling it to his worldly father, his worldly father will feel sad because he was available to resolve the problem and was also capable of resolving the problem. Then it will be the mistake of the child that he believed in the outsider without trusting his father. If the father of that child is not available or is not capable, then if the child tells his problem to any other person then it is okay, otherwise, it is wrong.

Just like this, we make a mistake that we do not tell GOD about our problems and do not keep faith in Him for the solution and we tell it to everyone and expect help from everyone. If we see an example of Shri MahaBharatji then this fact will be clear to us. In the context of Bhagwati Draupadiji's humiliation, until she believed in her husbands and kept faith in them that they would save her, GOD did not come. The five Pandavas, who lost everything and were present there, could not save Bhagwati Draupadiji. Then Bhagwati Draupadji kept hope from Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Dronacharya, Shri Kripacharya, Shri Vidurji but even they could not even save her. Then Bhagwati Draupadiji kept expectations from her eldest father-in-law Dhritrashtra but he could not even save her either. Then Bhagwati Draupadiji had faith in her own strength and she held her saree (an Indian female dress) with full force but when she lost her strength and thought that she is now going to lose hold of the saree, then she called out for GOD. GOD is everywhere and was present there too and therefore GOD appeared at that very moment and donated the clothes to her. Bhagwati Draupadiji was saved from humiliation.

The above example tells us that till Bhagwati Draupadiji kept her hopes, she could not get rid of her problems. But when she forgot all others and only believed in GOD, her sufferings were redressed immediately.

It implies the fact that our Supreme Father is always available and is completely capable of redressing all our troubles. Therefore, we should plead all our troubles only and only to GOD. This is the best way.

Anyway, the world is only for the sake because it is always GOD who solves all our problems. Just like if we tell our problem to someone other than our worldly father, who is the head of the family, it will hurt the worldly father, similarly, GOD gets hurt, when we tell the world about our problems instead of GOD and want solutions to that trouble from the world.

The creature who undertakes the devotion of GOD, GOD is always with him. As soon as that creature addresses his trouble to GOD, GOD resolves it immediately. The true devotee always believes that the world is made the sake by GOD but behind everything, it is only the grace of GOD that invisibly acts to resolve the grievance. It is only due to the grace of GOD that his sufferings are redressed and his problem gets resolved.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta