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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Most of the people miss out on the right use of human life. The most unfortunate part is that they do not have any idea about the right use of human life. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

What is the right use of human life and does our attention ever go towards this ? What is the purpose of human life and have we ever contemplated it by sitting in solitude ? We never try to think about this and day by day our human life does pass away. Childhood is spent in sports and studies, youth gets passed in earning and in worldliness and old age goes into illness.

I know a family whose head did everything for his family. For the convenience of his family and children, he has put his whole life on the stake. Due to it, he forgot to unite with GOD. He died. The family mourned for twelve days. Discussion about him lasted for a whole month and then everyone forgot him slowly. Today, only one year later, he is remembered only for one day in the ShraddhPaksha (a day in the Hindu calendar dedicated to deceased ancestors). His whole family, even his widowed wife, is engaged in enjoying all worldly pleasures. No one knows which species that head of the family is in today. But one thing is certain that he will have to cross the round of 8.4 million species. This will happen because he did everything for his family after getting a human birth but he did nothing to attain GOD in his human life.

The above example shows how we waste our human life in vain. Then the question arises that what should be done after getting human life. After getting human life, we should not cross the limit of human life. Nothing should be done beyond the necessity of livelihood and limited worldliness. We make this mistake that we become engaged in earning much more than our needs and getting entangled in a lot of useless worldliness and thus we are deprived of giving our precious time to GOD.

As we enter from youth to grown-up and from grown-up to old age, we should continue to extend our time for GOD constantly. As much as we will increase our time in life for GOD, we will reach near to GOD.

The creature must undertake devotion of GOD and devote his body, mind and wealth in the service of GOD. We just tell GOD in the Aarti (prayer) that our body, mind and wealth are offered to you but we do not do so in the right earnest. This is possible only and only with devotion. When devotion gets intense then the creature offers his everything to GOD.

If we have to improve our end and improve our lifespan then it is absolutely necessary to undertake devotion of GOD. Only then we will be able to attain GOD and we will be completely free forever from the cycle of 8.4 million species. If we are not able to do so, then it is for sure that we have to continue to wander in 8.4 million species.

Therefore, we should try to reach GOD without delay with help of undertaking devotion in life. If we take a step towards GOD then GOD will take ten steps towards us. Therefore, doing whatever is necessary for the necessity of sustenance and keeping a very limited worldliness, the rest of the time should be offered to GOD by undertaking the devotion of GOD. Only the one who does so is able to reach GOD. Only the one who can do this makes his human life successful and the one who does so is able to make the right use of his human life.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta