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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Illusion (Maya) works to lead us away from GOD but the creature who goes into the shelter of Mayapati (owner of illusion) GOD by devotion, he is able to shed the influence of illusion and is also able to attain GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Just like a spider webs a mesh in order to trap the insect, so does illusion also make a mesh of illusion to trap the creature. The work of illusion is to distance the creature from GOD. In order to reach GOD, we must pass the test of illusion.

Without passing the test of illusion, we cannot reach GOD. The illusion mesh of illusion is standing between us and GOD. Who has the eligibility to reach GOD, this is tested by illusion. If illusion would not have been there, then everyone would have reached GOD, and in such case, people without eligibility would also have reached GOD.

As all do not pass in an exam. The one who has studied and has given his time to study only passes the exam. Similarly, who has undertaken devotion and has dedicated his body and mind to GOD, they only pass the test of illusion. Somebody can pass in the worldly examination by copying but it is not at all possible in GOD's examination.

Illusion puts its influence on the creature with great velocity. From being satisfied, the Illusion makes us greedy. The creature diverts in earning wealth and property and he distracts from the objective of human life. The illusion is such a quagmire from which as much as we try to get out of it, the more we get trapped into it. Without the grace of GOD, escape from illusion is not possible at all. The creatures can never win upon illusion on their own. The grace of GOD is very important to go beyond the illusion.

It would be appropriate to see how illusion puts the effect on the creature. Two neighbours used to live side by side and both had love. The progress of one neighbour started. In his house the TV, fridge, AC, car, all came slowly. The illusion made an impact on him and he became egoist of his wealth and progress. He got away from GOD. His greed began to grow day after day. He had the desire from one car to another car. Then he desired for the third car which must be of foreign origin and expensive. He started doing immoral work in his business to fulfil his desires. The burden of sin began to grow in his life. The illusion also influenced his neighbour. Earlier, he lived in love with his neighbour. Now his conversation with the neighbour stopped. He began to feel jealous of his neighbour and he started wishing that something unpleasant should happen to his neighbour. He too turned away from GOD because of this fault.

With this illustration, we will understand how illusion did force two neighbours to distract away from GOD who were living together with love. Both did not remain without being influenced by illusion. Both could not escape from the influence of illusion.

The only way to overcome illusion is to take the shelter in Mayapati (owner of illusion) GOD. When we undertake devotion of GOD and seek the shelter of GOD, then illusion disappears from our life in the same manner as the emergence of GOD Shri SuryaNarayanji (Sun) makes darkness disappear. The grace of GOD is utmost essential for the removal of illusion from life. Without the grace of GOD, escape from illusion is not possible at all. The creature cannot get rid of illusion with his own efforts, therefore, he should work hard to earn the grace of GOD in life, for which devotion is the only means.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta