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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The creature keeps a selfish relationship with this world. The world also keeps a relationship of selfishness with the creature. It is only GOD who keeps a selfless relation with the creature. Therefore the creature should develop a selfless relation with GOD and for this, he should undertake the selfless devotion of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

All the relationships of the world are based on selfishness. Only GOD keeps a relationship with the creature which is selfless, in which there is no self-interest.

If we talk about the relations of this world then we will find that all relations are based on some type of self-interest. The relation between husband and wife is also based on self-interest. The wife has the self-interest that the husband should earn and bring money. The husband has the self-interest that the wife should give him sensual pleasure and offspring for future generations. The relation between father and son is also based on self-interest. The son wants the father to parent him well. The father wants the son should become the stick of his old age and should serve him in his old age.

In the relationship between the creature and GOD, the creature also desires from GOD that GOD will give him wealth, son, grandchildren. It is only GOD who keeps a selfless relationship with the creature. GOD keeps no selfishness. What self-interest can GOD have ? GOD selflessly graces the creature. Therefore the relation of GOD with the creature is most sacred and supreme.

GOD never expects that the creature should worship Him, sing hymns, praise Him, then I (GOD) will help the creature. GOD helps the creature by all means and supports him. The worldly father can have some self-interest with a son but our Supreme Father does not have any self-interest.

GOD is supremely capable and He does not expect anything from us. A worldly father can expect that in his old age his son should serve him but GOD never expects anything from a creature because GOD is supremely capable and is capable of doing everything.

Therefore the creature must make such selfless relation strong and undertake complete devotion of GOD. Devotion is the best means to make a relationship with GOD strong. The creature should be selfless in devotion. If we undertake selfless devotion, that is, we do not demand anything in return for devotion, then GOD is pleased soon. GOD keeps a selfless relationship with us and He loves that creature most who also keeps a selfless relationship with GOD through selfless devotion.

Those who have been the best devotees have always kept a selfless relationship with GOD. Devotees have never redeemed anything in return for their devotion. True devotion is that in which there is no demand. Anyway, we do not need to ask anything because GOD knows all our needs. Just as a mother knows the need of her little child and she makes it available to the child before he needs it, similarly, GOD provides the needful things to the devotees before the need of the devotees.

When we keep a selfless relationship with GOD then it becomes the responsibility of GOD to fulfill every requirement of the devotees. GOD automatically does so.

Therefore selfless devotion towards GOD and selfless relationship with GOD, both of these should be brought to life, then only our human life will be successful. For the success of human life, we must do this.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta