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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Only devotion has the capability that it destroys the flaws of this era (Kaliyug) in a creature and makes him eligible to reach GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

It is the effect of this era (Kaliyug) that humans are surrounded by flaws like desire, anger, ego, greed, jealousy, etc. It is the effect of this era that there is an abundance of such flaws in life.

But in this era the one who establishes a union with GOD through devotion, all his flaws subside gradually. The flaws of the era do not have any impact on a true devotee. The devotion of GOD has such capability that it binds the creature with GOD and automatically removes the flaws of the era.

The flaws of the era affect all. No one can escape from it. If a creature is born in this era then flaws like desire, anger, ego, greed, jealousy, etc., will be there in him in abundance.

In the present era, lust is at its peak because there are many options available for excitement. A creature becomes very sensual. Similarly, in the present era desires or wishes are in abundance. Different desires arise out in the heart of the creature and to fulfill those desires the creature keeps on making an effort throughout his life. In the present era, the creature is full of anger and the outburst of anger happens even for small reasons. In the present era, the creature is full of egotism. He has ego of money, ego of position, ego of beauty, ego of prestige, ego of knowledge and ego of wealth. In the present era, the creature is also greedy. Whatever he has, he has greed for more. Even after accumulating for seven generations, his longing is never satisfied. In the present era, a creature is very jealous. He cannot see the progress of others. He becomes jealous by seeing the wealth, position, prestige, beauty and knowledge of others.

After discussing all the flaws now let us see how devotion establishes an impact on all of them.

Devotion diverts us from sensuality towards GOD. A lively example of this is Goswami Shri Tulsidasji who went to meet his wife who has gone to her maternal home by crossing an overflowing river holding a dead body assuming that it is wood and by holding a snake assuming that it is a rope. His wife Bhagwati Ratnawali cursed him that the effort he has put in for fulfilling his desire of union with wife, if half the effort was put in for union with GOD then he would have attained GOD. From that point, life changed for Goswami Shri Tulsidasji and seeds of devotion germinated in him and he left his sensuality and established a union with GOD.

Devotion reduces the desires of a creature and at last, ends the desires of that creature. At last, only one desire remains, that is to have a union with GOD. Before devotion, there was an abundance of desires and the creature remained distraught. After the devotion, the desire subsides and the creature too becomes peaceful.

Devotion also calms the anger of the creature. The creature starts visualizing GOD in everyone then how he can behave angrily with anyone. GOD is everywhere, therefore, his velocity of anger is calmed and he becomes devoid of anger. In no circumstances, he exhibits anger.

Devotion also destroys the egotism of a creature because the creature understands that egotism is the biggest obstacle in union with GOD. GOD considers egotism as the most unpleasant thing in a creature. Shrimad Bhagwatji, Shrimad Bhagavad Geetaji and Shri RamCharitManasji are unanimous in rendering the fact that a creature without ego can only attain GOD.

Devotion ends the greed of a creature. A creature believes that earning dominical wealth is real earning. He earns what is required to fulfill his family requirements but the balance energy he spends in earning dominical wealth.

Devotion destroys the jealousy of a creature. He now becomes happy by seeing the progress of others because he visualizes GOD in everyone. He wishes good for all. By looking at the car worth twenty-five lakh of his neighbour and his car worth two lakh he thinks that the use of both the vehicles is to take us from one place to another, therefore, it makes no difference because the neighbour’s twenty-five lakh car does the same work as his car of two lakh worth does.

Therefore, devotion must be given utmost priority in the present era so that the flaws of the era automatically end in a gradual way and we become eligible to reach GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta