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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD has the most selfless relationship with a creature. GOD gives everything to a creature and in return does not seek anything. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

All relationships in life are based on self-interest. The selfish feature may be less or more but all the relationships are based on self-interest.

A mother and father also keep some self-interest and wish that their children will care for them when they grow old. The relationship between husband and wife is also based on some self-interest. The wife wishes that her husband fulfills all her desires and takes care of her. The husband has self-interest that the wife gives him sensual pleasure and gives him offspring for the next generation. The relationship between brother and sister also carries some self-interest. The sister desires that her brother protects her and stays behind her in good and bad times.

There is only GOD who keeps a selfless relationship with us. What self-interest does GOD have with us ? Just ponder over it. When we think we will be able to understand that GOD has no self-interest in the creature. The creature is so feeble and small and GOD is so very capable and great that what self-interest GOD will keep with us. What is our capability to give to GOD ? What is our status in front of GOD ? It is nothing.

In spite of keeping no self-interest, GOD showers His compassion on the creature. By seeking nothing in return, GOD gives everything to a creature. GOD keeps his full care and fulfills all his requirements.

What grand greatness of GOD it is that seeking nothing in lieu, He gives everything to us.

A mother and father whose relation is considered as selfless with children even have a hidden desire in the heart that the children whom they are upbringing will become their backbone in their old age. A mother and father have the most selfless relationship with a girl child. A father only gives to a daughter and in lieu seeks nothing. In older times, when a father used to visit the house of her married daughter he would not even accept water and food at her place. It was considered a sin to take something from a daughter. But still even in small measure self-interest is hidden in that relation too. A mother and father keep an expectation that in their old age if their son does not come to their aid or if they have no son then the daughter and son-in-law sitting at distance may still help in making favorable arrangements for them.

After seeing all examples it is proved that only GOD keeps the selfless relationship. There is no self-interest of GOD with a creature. A creature can offer nothing to GOD. A creature has no capability that he can come to any aid of GOD. Then too GOD undertakes and carries the selfless relationship with a creature. GOD seeks nothing yet gives everything.

Before the birth of a child, GOD starts the selfless relationship with the creature. Before the child is born, GOD sends nectar-like milk to the breast of the mother. To ensure that the father and mother raise the children well, GOD fills them with affection so that they start loving the child more than their life.

Therefore a creature must always be thankful and be grateful to GOD for undertaking such a selfless relationship.

GOD is so selfless that it is not so that He will do well only if we are thankful or grateful to Him. An atheist also receives the compassion of GOD. One who does not believe in the existence of GOD, still GOD takes care of him as His child. GOD fills his stomach too. What better example can it be that one who does not believe in GOD, still GOD takes care of such an atheist.

Therefore we must establish a relationship with such a selfless GOD. GOD selflessly gives us everything. What can we give in return to GOD. We must only offer devotion to GOD. By undertaking true devotion we can still not think to undo the debt of selfless love of GOD, undoing it is out of the question but by doing so, we can make GOD happy and blissful. Because GOD also enjoys the companionship of a devotee the most.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta