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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: If we get trapped in illusion our human life becomes futile. With devotion towards GOD, our human life purpose is fulfilled. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

GOD’s illusion is there to keep us away from GOD. The work of illusion is to keep us away from GOD. The illusion does not allow the union between the individual soul and Universal Soul. Illusion in a sense takes our examination and if we pass the examination we are able to reach GOD.

For success in any subject, we have to pass its examination. Likewise, to reach GOD we have to give the examination of illusion. When we pass the examination of illusion we are able to reach GOD. What is the meaning of passing the examination of illusion ? Leaving in illusion, if we do not get trapped in it and if we are able to undertake devotion of GOD then the doors of GOD open for us.

Like the gates of fortune open for us if we pass out in a big examination, similarly, if we are able to pass the examination of illusion the biggest gate i.e, the gate which leads to GOD open for us.

Why does GOD take the examination of illusion ? GOD takes the examination of illusion to see that without getting trapped in it does the creature has the desire to reach GOD and does the creature make an effort in that direction. Or does he get confused in illusion and distance away from GOD ?

GOD has the right to take the examination. The examination is to identify who can reach GOD. This examination is only in human life. It is not there for other species. In human life, all are part of this examination be it rich or poor or be it people of any religion, country and color.

For success in an examination, we have to study. For success in the examination of illusion, we have to undertake devotion. If we spend our human life earning for this life there is no difference between us and animals and birds. Human life is for earning for this life and for the afterlife. But we spend our lives earning money for this life and forget to earn pearls for the afterlife.

If after getting human birth, we have earned money for this life we have not earned anything more than the animals and birds ? The animals and birds also earn food and shelter. If we have only earned food, shelter and clothing then we have earned nothing more than the animals and birds.

We have not got human life for such earnings. Human life is meant for earning which is useful during this life and afterlife. If we have earned such a thing then it will free us from the cycle of birth and death forever.

This earning is the earning of devotion because due to devotion our afterlife gets blessed and we are freed from the cycle of birth and death.

If we earn devotion in life we pass in the examination of illusion. The more the devotion increases in life, the less would be the effect of illusion.

Illusion and devotion are the opposite. The work of illusion is to distance us from GOD and the work of devotion is to lead us closer to GOD and make our union with GOD.

To achieve success in the examination of GOD’s illusion, the easiest recourse is devotion. When we will have devotion there would be no influence of illusion.

We can only undertake devotion in human life. Therefore for the success of human life, the best recourse is to undertake the devotion of GOD.

With devotion, our human life would be successful and we will be permanently freed from the cycle of birth and death. Devotion straightaway leads us to GOD.

Therefore without delay, we should leave the company of illusion and take the path of devotion so that our human life becomes successful. The purpose of human life must be to undertake devotion.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta