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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: No one is a better creator or a better manager than GOD. Due to the management of GOD, all things stay in decorum. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

See the glory of GOD that the stomach of all creatures be it aquatic, or be it terrestrial, aerial and flora are filled every day. All wake up empty stomach but go to sleep with a stomach filled. After waking up GOD makes food available for trillions and trillions of creatures. Aquatic spices get food underwater, terrestrial and aerial creatures get food on land. Flora cannot move as they stand in one place and cannot go here and there to search for food and therefore they get food at their very place with the help of soil of earth (Prithvi Mata), Sun (Shri Suryadevji) and water.

As a child takes birth GOD sends milk to the mother’s breast before birth. The milk of a mother is assumed to be nectar and GOD makes it available without any discrimination for the poorest of poor and a rich child. The mother’s breast does not contain milk but when the child comes in the womb and after nine months are completed and the child comes out then milk automatically flows from the mother’s breast.

Such beautiful is the natural creation and such beautiful is the management of GOD that many mysteries still remain unresolved from the viewpoint of science. See the creation of our body. Our intestine is so long that it measures about twenty-five feet. It is fitted in the stomach in such a way that one is surprised. The nerves of our brain are so tiny that it cannot be seen from the eyes. But they send signals of all body parts to the brain and send the order of the brain to all body parts. Our heart pumps without any stoppage. Can a machine work for 80 years without stoppage ? It is not possible. But a human’s heart works continuously while the human is awake or in sleep. When a human is born and till his death, the human heart works continuously without any rest and without any stoppage.

No matter how polluted the water is, but when it goes inside the earth it gets filtered and gets cleaned in the process automatically. When water is drawn from the earth we will always find only clean water.

Due to Sun’s (Shri Suryadevji) heat, the water becomes vapor and rises up and comes down as rain. No one is a better creator or a better manager than GOD.

Just imagine that if we keep something on a big ball and rotate and revolve it, the thing kept on it will instantly fall down. But the earth (Prithvi Mata) regularly revolves and rotates and the buildings stand upright. Nothing is shaken and nothing falls down.

On earth (Prithvi Mata) the water of the ocean (Samundradev) stays in decorum, the wind blows in decorum. Sun (Shri Suryadevji) stays in the exact distance. If Sun (Shri Suryadevji) comes a bit closer then the hot temperature will rise so high and if Sun (Shri Suryadevji) goes back a bit then the cold temperature will fall down so much that the creatures would be unable to tolerate it.

Just to control the temperature of a small building we have to put so much equipment and put so much labor. But GOD controls the temperature of the universe with four seasons with so simplicity and with such ease. One day it rains and the temperature of the atmosphere comes down many degrees. One day it gets extremely sunny and the temperature of the atmosphere rises so many degrees.

The world is filled with so many surprises. They all make us visualize GOD’s grandeur and capability. They make us visualize GOD’s supremely skilled management, which is so simple and easy but so effective at the same time.

No one is a better manager than GOD in the world. GOD so skillfully manages the entire universe so that all things stay in their designated decorum. GOD's skill in management is the best. GOD’s grandeur is the best. GOD’s capability is the best. It is due to GOD’s management that everything remains in its decorum.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta