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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The article focuses on remembering the kindness of GOD in times of success and happiness and the mercy of GOD in times of failure and grief. But in reality, we seldom remember the kindness of GOD in our success and in our happy times and in reality, we seldom fail to blame GOD for our failure and our grief. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Whatever favorable is happening in our life must always be attributed to the kindness of GOD. Similarly whatever unfavorable is happening in our life must always be taken as the self-earned fruits of our deeds (fruits of past accumulated deeds) which have been reduced to a great extent by the merciful GOD to enable us to bear with it. It must always be our endeavor at both instances, to be able to see the kindness and mercy of GOD and to constantly remember such kindness and mercy because the devotee who is able to see the kindness and mercy of GOD in both situations remains most dear to GOD.

But the understanding of such a unique theorem only unfolds in our lives when our vision of life gets purified. What is this unique theorem ? First theorem - Not to forget remembering the kindness of GOD in favorable times. Second theorem - Not to forget remembering the mercy of GOD (GOD’s mercy in drastically reducing the ill-fruits of our past misdeeds) in unfavorable times.

But we foolish fellows attribute our favorable times to be the result of our self-earned fruit of good deeds and therefore keep enjoying our good times and in unfavorable times we instantly attribute it as misery sent by GOD and even do not hesitate to blame GOD for it. How foolish is the creature that instead of visualizing the mercy of GOD in unfavorable times, he maligns his wisdom and psyche by blaming GOD. The very thought of holding GOD responsible for our unfavorable times should never surface in our mind because there cannot be any error on the part of GOD and thinking so is a sin of the greatest magnitude. But we do not hesitate to commit such sin in our life.

For example, when a man of young age, who is the only hope of his old-aged parent, who is the only brother of many sisters, passes away in an accident, you will find the family commenting on his death that GOD had done gross injustice. Such thoughts are so unholy and such words uttered from our mouth tantamount to a very big sin. Because did we know the dead young man's tally of debits and credits for good deeds and misdeeds committed by him in past many lives and what he has done in the past by the result of which his present fate unfolded.

During unfavorable times, our sacred thought should only be that GOD has shown great mercy in reducing the burden many a times of my accumulated misdeeds so as to enable me to bear with it. If GOD had not shown the mercy of reducing the burden of my misdeeds, it would have been next to impossible for me to bear it (in other words, whatever misdeeds were committed by me in the past many lives are of such magnitude that I could not have borne its consequences and therefore GOD, showing mercy, has only reduced its consequences to such great extent so as to make it bearable for me). The strength to bear at unfavorable times is another great blessing of GOD. For example on the very day of the death of the young man, there is paramount sorrow in the family but by the twelfth day, almost everyone in the family accepts and adapts to the unfavorable situation. As the saying goes “the passage of time works as a healer”. This time healer, the power of accepting and adapting to unfavorable situations, is nothing but another gift of GOD, another mercy of GOD.

Similarly, during favorable times, our sacred thought should only be that GOD has multiplied many fold the fruits of my past good deeds. We must always cultivate this habit of compulsorily seeing the kindness of GOD in our favorable times, else it will only take a split second for arrogance to surface and make us falsely believe that the favorable time is due to our destiny by virtue of our self-earned good deeds of past lives.

In the eyes of devotees, there are two compassionate principles of GOD - while giving the fruits of our deeds, GOD always multiplies the fruits of our good deeds many folds and GOD always reduces the fruits of our misdeeds many folds. If it were not so, then we would not have been in a situation we presently find ourselves in (i.e. if the time is favorable it could not have been so favorable purely on the strength of our good deeds without the kindness of GOD and if time is unfavorable it would have been much worse purely on the strength of our misdeeds, had GOD not shown mercy in reducing it many folds). Therefore howsoever we are today in both situations, is only and purely due to the mercy and kindness of GOD. Therefore we must cultivate the habit to see the mercy and kindness of GOD at every moment and during every situation in our life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta