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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD’s grace and mercy are matchless. GOD stays with us all the time and through some medium always showers His grace on us. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

An urban man reads the news in a newspaper that an old couple was living a life of great difficulty in a village. That couple had two children who were snatched away by death. The shock had made the old lady lose her mental balance. They were so poor that they could not afford food for two times. The villagers had made the old couple stay outside the village because the mentally imbalanced lady used to tear the clothes, used to fight and therefore she was shackled with chains. That lady lived in a miserable condition and used to lie down in a semi-conscious state. Both the husband and wife lived in a cottage outside the village. A goat was there through which they got milk. There was a well nearby which supplied them with water. Rotten food was sometimes dumped in front of their cottage by the villagers which they ate.

This miserable story was published in a newspaper. Inspired by it an urban man drove 350 kilometers and went to that village. A sack of grain and some dresses were given by him to the couple and after assuring that he would extend help in the future too, he returned. That man sympathized with the couple. But when he returned back to his city he got lost in his own world. He remembered the episode for one-two months and then it was washed away from his memory. The sympathy got suppressed.

Just ponder that if GOD, like the human, forgets our miseries and suppresses His sympathy what will happen to us. This is the difference between GOD and humans. Humans sometimes perform goodness and then forget. GOD always does goodness and never forgets. The sympathy of humans is awakened and is then suppressed. But the sympathy of GOD is always intact. Humans extend help to someone and then withdraws. GOD helps someone and He never withdraws.

Take the example of that old couple. That urban man went, met and gave grains and dress and then forgot but GOD never forgets. GOD again gives inspiration to someone else and again sends help and assistance to the couple. GOD through some medium makes available medicines when they fall sick, supplies food when they are hungry and through some medium supplies dresses in winters to keep their body warm. This is done not for one year, two years but for the full life span as GOD takes care of the couple. Not one such couple but the care of millions of such couples in the world is undertaken by GOD.

If due to the bad deeds of a past life, a creature reaches a pathetic situation in this life, then GOD does not leave His association. In a miserable situation, GOD will never leave His company. In misery, GOD will always stand with him.

See the grace of GOD that He takes care of an ant too. An ant is hungry and is searching for food. Then GOD showers His grace and a piece of biscuit from our hands spontaneously slips there. The piece of biscuit slips from our hand, the ant gets it and the food for 10 days is thus made available to the ant. Just ponder why the piece of biscuit fell at that very place where the ant was searching for food. This happened because of the inspiration of GOD. GOD wanted to fill the stomach of the ant and therefore it so happened.

How graceful and merciful GOD is who looks after all creatures. Just ponder that uncountable species, uncountable creatures are daily supplied with their requirements. GOD delivers all their requirements to them. Anyone becomes the medium but the provider and sender is only GOD.

Just ponder that like that urban man who due to sympathy went and offered help and then came back to his city and forgot, if GOD too forgets then what would have become of the couple.

24 hours in a day, 365 days, life long, species after species, our life advances due to grace of GOD. We must never be oblivious to the grace of GOD in our life. Our vision should be such that in every episode we are able to visualize the grace of GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta