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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: A devotee must always have the feeling in his heart that GOD’s kindness has increased his favorability and GOD’s mercy has decreased his unfavorableness. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In a village beneath a tree, four persons were discussing about GOD. A devotee was sitting nearby who was listening to their discussion. The first person asked how much GOD’s mercy and kindness does one have in life. The second person showed two fingers and said - this much. The third person showed two hands and said - this much. The fourth person fully expanded his both hands and told – this much. The devotee was seeing all this. Now he was not able to tolerate any further. He stood up and came to them and said that remove your fingers and hands and see as far as you can or visualize as much as you can, such immense is the kindness and mercy of GOD on every creature.

This is the truth of our life too but we fail to understand and we measure GOD’s kindness and mercy with our favorable and unfavorable parameters.

Whatever has happened favorable, we presume it to be our good deed’s fruit or our luck. The truth is that it is only and only GOD’s kindness which we have received as our deed’s fruit or our luck. It is a principle that GOD increases the favorability of a devotee. Whatever accumulated good deeds a devotee has performed, GOD increases its reward. GOD does so because of His kindness on the creature. Therefore whatsoever has happened favorable must be considered to be the fruit of GOD’s kindness.

Whatever has not happened favorable or has happened partially favorable must also be considered so because of GOD’s kindness. We must understand that whatever partially favorable occurred was because of GOD’s kindness otherwise it could have been unfavorable.

Whatever had happened unfavorably, our vision must be that it has been so because of GOD’s mercy else it could have been dangerously unfavorable. If GOD had not showered mercy it could have been more dangerously unfavorable. It is a principle that GOD reduces the unfavorable fruit for a devotee. Whatever accumulated evil deeds a devotee has performed GOD reduces its fruits.

For a devotee, there is a clear principle of GOD that GOD increases fruits of favorability and decreases the fruits of unfavorableness. While giving the favorable fruit GOD increases its fruits by His kindness and while giving the unfavorable fruits GOD decreases its fruit due to His mercy. If there would not have been GOD's kindness whatever favorability we have, it would not have been so and if GOD’s mercy was not there whatever unfavorable situation we are in life, it would have been much worse.

Therefore, the fingers and hands that we raise to indicate GOD’s kindness and mercy must never be raised even by mistake. Because from top to bottom, from left to right and from front to back all that is present is the kindness and mercy of GOD.

We must have a viewpoint so as to be able to visualize the evident mercy and kindness of GOD in our life. In every moment, in every action, we must be able to visualize GOD’s mercy and kindness because this is the essence of devotion.

It is the characteristic of devotion that in every favorability it visualizes GOD’s kindness and in every unfavorableness, it visualizes GOD’s mercy. A lively example of this is devotee Shri Sudamaji. He had such unfavorable time which we cannot visualize and then he got such favorable time due to the kindness of GOD, which also goes beyond our imagination.

See the unfavorable life of devotee Shri Sudamaji. He did not have food to feed two times. Sometimes he did not receive any offerings for 2-3 days and both husband and wife along with children lived drinking water only. They wore clothes which were torn in so many places that it was impossible to count. In winter he did not have anything to cover and therefore Shri Sudamaji kept chanting the name of GOD at night as he was not able to sleep because of severe cold. There was no roofing in his hut so he withstood thunder, rain and sunshine along with his family. It was said that Shri Sudamaji’s stomach and back were joint and the stomach was so squeezed because of severe hunger that the stomach and back looked like one. In such unfavorable times, he was able to visualize the clear mercy of GOD daily. By listening to his narration we are not able to visualize GOD’s mercy because we only see his helplessness and poverty.

Then when he had a favorable time due to the kindness of GOD, it was so amazing that even Devraj Shri Indraji (the king of heaven) would feel jealous. GOD showered such kindness that He established Sudamapuri (the dwelling of Sudamaji) which was even singular to Shri Dwarikapuri (the dwelling of GOD). When devotee Shri Sudamaji reached his home after meeting GOD, he was unable to recognize it and started turning back then his wife Bhagwati Sushilaji called him. Bhagwati Sushilaji who never wore a new saree, who always wore torn saree given to her by others, who never saw any ornaments in her life (wearing them was out of the question) she wore a saree made of chiffons and was overloaded with gold ornaments and Shri Sudamaji was astonished to see her. Sudamapuri has such grandeur which is beyond narration. In such supreme favorable times, Shri Sudamaji only visualized GOD’s kindness. It was only the great kindness of GOD that after seeing such grandeur Shri Sudamaji did not deviate otherwise anyone in his place would have become batty. He held on to his devotion with firmness and did not get influenced by illusion.

GOD’s mercy and kindness are both immense. There is no end to it. Therefore, we should never have the audacity of trying to measure GOD’s kindness and mercy. Whatever favorability we have in our life we must assume it to be GOD’s great kindness and whatever unfavorableness we have in life, we should be able to visualize GOD’s great mercy in it. We must always have the feeling that GOD’s kindness has increased our favorability and GOD’s mercy has decreased our unfavorableness.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta