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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: If we let our human life go waste without devotion, there is no one more misfortunate and foolish than us. Therefore, we must eventfully utilize human life by undertaking the devotion of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

For undertaking devotion of GOD, a soul needs some basic things like security, food, shelter, etc., which is only available in human life. So in human life, we can engage ourselves in devotion. It is not possible in animal, bird and flora species.

I have closely observed pigeons in bird species. The pigeon is considered to be a sinless and straight-forward bird. Generally, pigeons will be found near temples. To feed them is considered a noble deed.

But I have seen that a pigeon while feeding or drinking sees umpteen times here and there for safety and then feeds. It is so unsafe that a cat or any other animal might kill it. But humans, if he has led a noble life, can eat without insecurity. Secondly, a bird has to go to fetch food every day. The first thing that comes to a bird’s mind in the morning is to find food as it does not have any storage of food. But humans store food and therefore are without worry and can undertake worship in the morning. Even a poor person also keeps the storage of food for two-three days in his house. Therefore the comfort to undertake devotion in the morning is available to him. Thirdly, birds also have to worry about shelter. Big birds or powerful birds of their own species snatch their shelter. But humans get their house registered with the authorities and are safe.

The guarantee of safety, food and shelter is only available in human life. No species in any aquatic, terrestrial and aerial form does have such a guarantee. This guarantee is so important that it makes us worriless. Animals and birds in the absence of such a guarantee roam here and there. In the morning their first worry is for safety, food and shelter. But humans do not have such worry if they have led a noble life and have earned piously. If he had done so, he would have ensured food for two times, a small house and the safety of living. One who earns out of dishonesty feels insecure and even develops enemies but those who have earned with honesty have the security of life.

By having safety, food and shelter, humans become most ideal to undertake devotion of GOD. Therefore, human life is considered to be the best for devotion. Therefore devotion is advised as a priority in human life. No other birth is considered appropriate for undertaking devotion. Therefore, the predominance of devotion must be visualized in human life because we will not find such great opportunity for undertaking devotion in an animal or a bird body or any other species.

But see the misfortune of humans that due to immorality and dishonesty he loses his golden “safety shield”. He indulges in immorality and earns dishonestly, indulges in injustice and snatches the rights of others and therefore lives in an unsafe atmosphere like animals and birds. You may have seen many people engaging security personnel for reasons of their non-safety.

See the second misfortune of humans that he accumulates and keeps on collecting so much that he becomes disturbed. Many people accumulate wealth for seven generations and then get disturbed in upkeeping it and then they never achieve peace in life. To collect more wealth leads to unrest and to upkeep more wealth also leads to unrest.

GOD has given us such an appropriate human life for devotion and we waste it on pointless things. The human life by which we should have undertaken devotion, we waste it by getting into unsafe and disturbed environments. We become so unsafe and so disturbed that it is not possible for us to undertake devotion. In other words, we lead ourselves away from the devotional path.

In human life, a soul can undertake GOD’s devotion and earn salvation. He can free himself from the cycle of 8.4 million births and deaths. He can permanently find the contiguity of GOD and enjoy elated ecstasy but he is not able to do any such thing.

Saints have called human life as “Mukti Yoni”, a life where we can free ourselves forever but the soul gets trapped in bonding. He intended to be free but he got into bondage.

He spoils his life and gets trapped in the cycle of birth and death. He earns out of some noble deeds and goes to heaven and after enjoying there for some time he is pushed back to the earth just like we are pushed out from a five-star hotel when we have no money in our pocket. Then he travels to hell and bear the torture for the sins he have committed in his life.

Such bondage of deed continues to go on and the human gets trapped in this trap of deeds and experiences the good and bad fruits of it. To experience the deed done by the soul, he takes birth in various species and takes birth in such Bhog-Yoni (a life to bear the fruits of our past deeds).

Human life was such a splendid opportunity to save himself from all this, to free from the cycle of deeds forever but we were not able to eventfully utilize human life. Without undertaking devotion in human life we return empty-handed in the same way as we have come empty-handed. We could have filled our corpus with devotion but we wrongfully filled it with illusion and thus spoiled our human life.

Therefore, once we have got human life we must use it in undertaking devotion, which is its best use. To undertake devotion in human life is just like going to the bottom of a sea and fetching pearls. To engage ourselves in illusion in human life is just like going to the bottom of a sea and fetching pebbles.

After getting the guarantee of safety, food and shelter, if we let our human life go waste without devotion, there is no one more misfortunate and foolish than us. Therefore, we must eventfully utilize human life in undertaking the devotion of GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta