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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Goodness and evil reside within us. As we move away from GOD, the evil surrounds us and our downfall is ascertained whereas when we come closer to GOD the goodness develops from within us and the evil is put to rest. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

As we draw away from GOD, our downfall and destruction are assured. Therefore to stay in the company of GOD at all times is in our best interest. Why do we go towards downfall and destruction as we draw away from GOD because as we draw away from GOD the evil gets the better of us. Till we were in the company of GOD, the evil was not able to raise its head.

The goodness and evil reside within us. Both raise their head when they get the opportunity. When we stay in the company of GOD, goodness develops from within us and evil takes a backseat. We start getting up early for prayers, we start accepting foods which are divinely blessed after it is offered to GOD. Virtue, principle, truth is awakened within us. We must understand as the goodness increases, the devotion is further strengthened. In other words, if a person is a hypocrite or if he indulges in a splurge, the goodness within him will not increase. In such a situation his hypocrisy and splurge will be exposed.

But as we draw away from GOD, the goodness within us takes a backseat as the evil attacks us and the goodness is defeated. Then evil surrounds us. Laziness, hypocrisy, show-off, envy, untruthfulness, violence, etc., there is a big army of evil. The commander of the evil army is arrogance. We can understand this by a small example. There was a poor person who was a righteous man and who used to pray daily and stayed in the company of GOD and therefore was pure. He did not have any demerits. Slowly, he developed a friendship with another person. Together they ventured into business. They started earning. They became rich. They started earning handsomely. His time for prayers started decreasing as he started giving more time to the business for earning more. Greed set in. He disengaged his partner from the business and fraudulently took his share. The friendship now turned into malice. Now he started telling lies to earn more and he became dishonest. Hypocrisy and show-off came into his life. Telling lies became his habit. Unethical earning became dear to him. For success in business, he even started indulging in violence. Now the prayers in his house were just a show-off. Sometimes due to fear, he organized religious rituals. He was not able to involve himself in prayers and therefore there was no divinity left in his prayers. Everything became hypocritical.

By this example, we can see that as the person started getting rich, due to greed he gave priority to earning wealth and thereby went away from GOD. As he withdrew from GOD, the evils took control of him. The evils started setting in one by one. When untruthfulness sets in, it comes at the cost of truth, similarly, when evil will set in, it will do so at the cost of goodness.

The principle is clear that we lead towards downfall as we lead away from GOD. Till we had the companionship of GOD, the goodness was in the front seat and the evils had to take a back seat and they were nullified. As we went towards worldliness and left GOD, the goodness started deteriorating as the evils attacked and destroyed them.

Now if we take another example we will understand how the evils shy away from us as we come closer to GOD and how the goodness sets in. Let us take the example of the same person who had become bad. After earning a lot of wealth, he found that his health deteriorated. He was on constant medication. He became fat and had breathing problems and got entangled with many diseases. He had differences with his wife, his children got into bad habits, he started facing difficulty in business, the government departments took a grip on him and he was surrounded with difficulties from all sides. Now he started remembering GOD.

One night in his dreams, he remembered how divine he was. Then he saw how he got into the grip of worldliness and lost his health, his family and started facing problems in his business. Then he saw his end that he was in hell and was being tortured and had succumbed to the torture. Then he woke up from his dream and vowed that he would surrender his life to GOD.

He went and spent some time in pilgrimage, he listened to the pastimes of GOD, divinity and prayers came back in his life. He withdrew from his business and kept as much as was necessary for a living and made a trust and donated the balance wealth into the trust for religious work. Now he started his daily prayers, improved his food habits, his daily routine also improved, and in GOD’s work he dedicated his time and wealth for public welfare. All the divine qualities started coming back because he regained his companionship of GOD.

As we draw away from GOD our downfall and destruction is ensured and as we draw near to GOD our uprising is ensured, if only this small fact is endorsed in our heart and mind then we will always try to remain near to GOD and will always find ways and means to stay closer to GOD. The secret of success in human life is hidden in this.

If such a thing happens in our life then due to the companionship of GOD our thoughts and our heart starts getting purified. We can see the effect of the companionship of GOD that a circle is drawn forever and always and we remain safe inside that circle. The army of evils like malice, hatred, desire, greed, violence, untruthfulness etc., does not get an entry in the circle. The goodness residing inside the circle like truth, virtue, principle does not get out of the circle and stays fastened to us. This mercy circle of GOD saves us during life span and secures us the dwelling of GOD after the end of our life.

Therefore we must try to achieve the companionship of GOD through devotion as it saves us from the ill-effect of evils and secures the goodness within us. When goodness stays the virtue will increase and when the evil stays out it will save us from sins. This is the secret of success in human life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta