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161 Who is the first for GOD ? (The devotee is the first for GOD)

We are part of GOD and GOD is our whole. Virtues of the whole also come within the part. Just as someone in the world gives us importance and priority and serves us, then we are happy with him and we also give priority to him. Similarly, if a devotee gives the highest importance and priority to GOD in life and serves GOD with mind and body, then GOD becomes very pleased with him. When this happens, mercy and compassion flow out of GOD's heart for that creature. Then GOD takes care of him everywhere and in every situation. In other words, that creature becomes the priority of GOD.

If we become the priority of GOD, then nothing can be the greater fruit of human life, nothing can be a bigger success and achievement of human life.

162 Where should we prepare to go ? (We must prepare to go to our real home the abode of GOD)

We prepare for a long time before going to another city for attending a wedding. We do a lot of hard work to make ourselves look beautiful through our clothes and decorations. We try our best to make ourselves look beautiful. But do we also prepare to go to the abode of GOD ? Do we decorate our mind and action in such a way that we can get entry into the abode of GOD ? We fail to do so and on the day the call comes at the time of death, we are bound to leave from here with our contaminated deeds and dirty mind.

It is our misfortune that we prepare for the journey of the world but fail to prepare for our last journey.

163 Whose gift is Affection ? (Affection is the gift of GOD)

One of the best creations of GOD is the virtue of affection. Just imagine what would have happened if GOD had not given affection to the creature ? GOD has given affection to every male and female. How much love and affection is there in a mother and father towards their children. How much relaxed a little boy remains under the umbrella of this wonderful heritage given by GOD. If GOD had not infused affection in the parents of the child before the birth of the child, then how would that little creature be brought up and cherished ? It is incomparable grace of GOD on every living being that GOD has given affection in everyone's heart. If GOD had not given affection, then we cannot even imagine love in mutual relationships.

If you want to see a small reflection of GOD's love, then you should look at the mother's affection.

164 What should be in life for GOD ? (There must be two principles in life for GOD)

If two principles are fixed in life, then our welfare is assured at that very moment. The first principle is that the "abode of GOD is within me". By following this principle, we will not do any unethical work or wrong conduct. Even the demerits that are within will not be able to dominate us. Our behavior will change as soon as we realize that GOD is sitting within us as a visionary. We will behave in such a way that is dear to GOD who resides within us. The second principle is that "GOD is mine". Right now we have considered the world, family, society and everyone as our own. But when we consider only GOD as our own on the strength of devotion, then GOD directly gives us His experience due to devotion. Right now GOD is indirectly hidden within us, who only and only directly appears through devotion.

The abode of GOD is within me and GOD is mine, these two principles must be firmly adhered to in life.

165 How virtues will come in life ? (Virtues will come with GOD in life)

If we serve GOD, undertake devotion and love GOD, then GOD will come and sit in Thakurbari (temple at our home) and in our mind temple. When GOD comes, in the form of GOD's shadow, innumerable virtues like reverence, compassion, wealth, fame, glory, kudos, bliss, memory, intelligence, forgiveness, etc., will come with Him and considering as GOD's benevolent, they will grace us. We cannot acquire all the virtues without GOD. But as soon as GOD comes in life, all the virtues run along without being called. Virtue always bestows their full grace on the benevolent of GOD. Therefore, if you want to bring all the virtues into your life, then GOD should be brought into your life by undertaking devotion because all the virtues are the shadow of GOD. Therefore, as soon as GOD comes into life, they automatically come and do not have to be called separately.

Therefore, if you bring GOD by undertaking devotion in life, then all the virtues will also automatically come along.

166 Why we should not ask anything from GOD ? (GOD knows all our needs so we do not have to ask anything from GOD)

Nothing should be asked from GOD because GOD knows all our present and future needs. Demand is asked from those who do not know about our needs. GOD knows more about us than we do. GOD is aware of our desire, our concerns and in what is our best, GOD knows more than us. Therefore, everything should be left to GOD without asking. In every decision of GOD, we should see our ultimate interest and accept it happily in life. We ask GOD for the future by seeing our present but GOD knowing our future gives us present. Only GOD knows in what is our interest in the future, so it is in our ultimate welfare to leave everything to GOD without asking.

Therefore, the creature should not ask anything from the all-knowing and all-capable GOD and have unshakable faith in this principle that GOD will always do our good.

167 Who has the Ecstasy ? (Only GOD has the Ecstasy)

As we go near to GOD in life, we feel joy and ecstasy because GOD is the original source of joy and ecstasy. Wherever the thing is, we will get it from there only. Joy and ecstasy are not there in the world and we search it in the world, so how it will be found there ? There is only pleasure in the world which is very small and secondary to joy and ecstasy. To get the pleasures of the world, how much hard work we put in day and night. Even if one-third of that effort is made for devotion of GOD, then we will surely get the contiguity of GOD. Then we will get both joy and ecstasy. What an easy way to get joy and ecstasy, which is to reach near GOD by undertaking devotion. Believe it to be true that the effort we put in for worldly pleasures, very less effort than that, brings us closer to GOD and makes us attain joy and ecstasy.

Worldly pleasure is very small and secondary whereas joy and ecstasy is the pinnacle which can be attained by the devotion of GOD.

168 Who is always favorable to us ? (GOD is always favorable to us)

The behavior of most people in the world will be found inappropriate at most of the time. That is why we should have a relationship with the Supreme Father GOD, but we give more importance to relationships of the world. Due to this, we have to be disappointed and regret it in the end. In the end, such a relationship gives us sorrow in the world, we have heard, seen and found it and still, we do the same. How unfortunate is this ? We should keep our mature relationship only and only with GOD. GOD is always favorable to us and will only remain favorable, so the most mature relationship should be established with GOD only. What GOD has given us in lieu of our accumulated deeds is just right. Nevertheless, it is the rule of GOD for His dear devotees that at the time of favor, GOD increases the favor by His grace and at the time of adversity, decreases the adversity.

Therefore, in life, one should always establish a mature relationship with the Supreme Father, GOD.

169 Who can save in the last stage ? (Only GOD can save in the last stage)

Bhagwati Draupadiji was losing her pudency, Shri Gajendraji was losing his life. Both first put their family strength and then their own strength but when they felt that they would be defeated, then in the last stage both of them remembered GOD and took shelter of GOD. Immediately GOD graced and Bhagwati Draupadiji’s pudency was saved and Shri Gajendraji's life was saved. It propounds the principle that remembrance of GOD even in the last stage, saves us from the greatest adversity. GOD protects His refugee in every stage, even if he is in the last stage. We will get so much strength in living a life by believing in the fact that GOD is always available to protect us.

Therefore, the creature should always remain fearless and relaxed in the contiguity of GOD by undertaking devotion of GOD.

170 In whose trap do we fall into the world ? (In the world we fall into the trap of Maya)

Just as a spider weaves a web and traps an insect, similarly, Maya (illusion) weaves its net and entraps the creatures of the world. No one has been able to escape from the influence of Maya and only the one who is blessed by GOD can escape from the influence of Maya. Maya does not exert its influence on the people under the influence of GOD's grace and goes away from his life, otherwise, Maya slams everyone. Even the greatest cannot escape without being influenced by the Maya. The only way to escape from Maya is to undertake worship of GOD and take shelter of GOD. On coming under the shelter of GOD, Maya becomes inactive from the life of that creature and does not exert its effect. There is no other way or means to escape from Maya. Maya definitely confuses us and causes our downfall, so we should adopt the means of escape from Maya.

The influence of Maya can be avoided by worshiping GOD in life and we should only do the same.