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131 Whom should we hear about ? (We must hear about GOD)

As we are sitting in a meeting and we hear about the merit and courage of a young man there, then the desire to meet him becomes strong within us. Similarly, when we hear about the virtues, nature, influence and grandeur of GOD in the narration of GOD and we see the grace and kindness of GOD, then the desire to meet GOD arises in our heart. The importance of hearing about GOD is so great that it awakens devotion for GOD and love for GOD within us and we get the realization of GOD.

Therefore, whenever a chance comes in life to hear about GOD, then under no circumstances it should be missed and we should take advantage of it.

132 What GOD has ? (GOD has grace and grace only)

Like when we criticize a person, then when the opportunity arises, he does not miss to trouble us and seeks an opportunity to take his revenge. But even if an atheist criticizes GOD or does not believe in GOD, even then GOD blesses him. Saints say that apart from grace, GOD has no such thing as non-grace. Saints say in humor that GOD always blesses everyone because GOD does not have the means to harm anyone. It is only GOD who blesses even those who criticize Him and does their favor.

The most precious air, water and light to live a life have been provided by GOD even to the atheists and GOD does not take any value for it from the atheists. This is such a wonderful and unprovoked grace of GOD even on the atheists.

133 Who saves us from hell ? (GOD saves us from hell)

GOD creates fear and shame within the devotee for some condemned act. Creating fear and shame so that the devotee does not do condemned acts, what a great blessing it is of GOD on that devotee. If this is not the case, then the devotee may become a partaker of sin by doing condemned acts and he may have to bear the torture of Hell to suffer for his sin. But GOD loves His devotees, so GOD does this to save them from the torture of hell.

Therefore, the devotees who have a feeling of fear and shame in their hearts for doing condemned acts, when this happens they should consider it as a blessing of GOD.

134 Whom must we love ? (We must love GOD)

By loving the world we should not share our love because only and only GOD deserves our full love. The creature is the creation of GOD and is a part of GOD, therefore his eternal relation is only with GOD. His relationship with the world is his assumed relation, whereas his real relation is with GOD. The other aspect is also that only GOD is there in the universe to be loved because GOD's love for us is selfless. The love of the world is selfish and with the desire of fulfillment of desires.

Therefore, in life, we should fully love only and only GOD.

135 With whom we should keep the relation ? (Keep the relationship with GOD)

The easiest way to get rid of all your troubles is to entrust our entire responsibility to GOD. But this is only possible when we make a relationship with GOD through devotion. As soon as we establish a relationship with GOD, GOD takes our full responsibility. Then we can live life in peace under the shelter of GOD. If we become a son of GOD and make a relationship considering GOD as our father, then just as a worldly father takes care of all the responsibility of his son, the Supreme Father GOD will also take full responsibility for us.

The lonely creature gets tired in life while carrying out the burden of his responsibilities. Therefore, the wise thing is to establish a firm relationship with GOD through devotion. Then GOD takes over the responsibility of that devotee and that devotee is saved from being buried under the burden of his responsibility.

136 Who is dearest to GOD ? (One who seeks the welfare of everyone is dearest to GOD)

We cannot be dear to GOD without wanting everyone's good and everyone's welfare from our heart. In order to be dear to GOD, we have to see GOD in everyone and seek everyone's well-being. The creature wants his own well-being and bliss but does not want that of the world. It simply means that he does not see the world as Godly. When the world starts looking Godly to us, then we will automatically want everyone's well-being and bliss. One who is able to do this becomes dear to GOD. Therefore, if you want to be dear to GOD, then we must desire everyone's well-being.

By doing this one more thing will happen automatically. In everyone's well-being, our own well-being will automatically happen and no separate effort will have to be made for it.

137 Whose grace is most important ? (GOD’s grace is most important)

Man cannot do anything without the grace of GOD. Man cannot do anything on his own strength. Whatever he does, he does it with the intelligence and power provided by GOD. Whatever a person will do, he will do it on the strength of his intelligence and power which has been given to him by GOD. The intellect and power provided by GOD is the greatest grace of GOD on the creature. Therefore, it is proved that it is impossible for the creature to do anything in life without GOD's grace.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the creature should try to earn maximum GOD's grace in his life. Devotion is the most accessible means for the awakening of GOD's grace in life.

138 Who is the controller of the universe ? (GOD is the controller of the universe)

In each and every pore of GOD, various universes are contained. Innumerable universes are situated in the body of GOD. GOD manages them all together. Due to the control of GOD, everyone lives in dignity and remains in their own measure. What a gigantic task it is to govern innumerable universes and how easily GOD does it. So many planets and constellations are located in each and every universe. In this way, GOD controls innumerable planets, stars and constellations. The cry of every creature living on those planets reaches GOD and GOD listens to everyone's call. How wonderful is all this.

With this wonderful operation of GOD, we should have the vision of GOD's immense majestic power.

139 How to make this birth the last birth ? (By undertaking devotion, make this birth the last birth)

This should be our last birth and then we do not have to come in anyone's womb, we should make such efforts in this birth. Such effort is only possible in human birth. This is possible only and only through devotion, therefore in this birth, such preparation should be done by undertaking devotion of GOD. Even if there is any deficiency in this birth by following the path of devotion, then too we will get the next birth as a human to fulfill our devotion and we will not have to wander in the cycle of 8.4 million species. GOD will give us the opportunity and power to take us beyond the devotion we did in the previous birth. By the grace of GOD, in that new human birth, we will be able to complete our devotional journey and in this way, we will be free from movement in the world forever.

Therefore, we should try to make this life our last birth by undertaking devotion to GOD in life.

140 Who is intelligent ? (Devotional creature is intelligent)

A person did a lot of business after getting human life. He earned a lot of money. He lived very comfortably and accumulated wealth for his seven generations. But he did not worship GOD being busy in his business. He gave time to business but did not give time to GOD. In the end, death occurred and just as he had come empty-handed, he went back empty-handed. Whatever he earned in the world was left in the world itself. Everything was used by his children. He could not take even a little thing of his own earning with him. On the other hand, a person did a simple business. Fulfilling his livelihood he devoted the rest of the remaining time to GOD by undertaking devotion. When he left the world, he did not leave any wealth and property for his next generation but he himself went with the rich wealth of devotion. He went straight to the abode of GOD and became free from the cycle of birth and death forever. Devotion led that soul directly to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

Just think who was the smartest of the two and who utilized his human life wisely.