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121 Even in paucity, we should keep emotions for whom ? (Keep emotions for GOD even in paucity)

The couple who does not have a child should also consider it as a blessing from GOD. They can bless their lives by accepting the service of the form of GOD Shree LadduGopalji in their life and can cross this worldly ocean. But they visit astrologers, peers for the child and get big treatments done in the hospital. Even if they get a child, they get away from GOD by getting entangled in the arrangement of his education, marriage and business.

Therefore, those who do not have children or they have children alienated from them, i.e. they do not have the pleasure of children, they should also consider this as infinite grace of GOD and should accept the service of GOD Shree LadduGopalji in life. The service of Shree LadduGopalji form of GOD is going to provide so much joy than the happiness of children and it is going to sail us through the worldly ocean and bring salvation to the creature.

122 Whose strength is greatest ? (The strength of GOD's shelter is greatest)

By living in the contiguity of one GOD and taking shelter of GOD, all things in life automatically get better, get settled. Without taking shelter of GOD, even after trying to rectify all the problems separately, they do not become smooth. No matter how much effort you put in, things do not turn out to be favorable. But by taking shelter in one GOD, all things and arrangements become favorable. There is so much power in the shelter of GOD.

Therefore, one should take the shelter of GOD in life so that everything gets settled and our world and afterworld both get better.

123 Who is ours ? (Only GOD is ours)

There is a couplet of Bhagwati Meerabai "Mere to Girdhar Gopal Dusro Na Koi" (Only GOD is mine, no one else is mine). In this, GOD is ours, we get this feeling, but "no one else is mine" is missed by the creature here. The creature considers his family, property and even his body as his own. It is not the exclusiveness that is reflected in the feeling of Bhagwati Meerabai. When “no one else is mine” exclusiveness like Bhagwati Meerabai comes then only GOD is attained, just as Bhagwati Meerabai had attained. There should be exclusiveness in our devotion and the feeling should be firm that only and only GOD is mine. My family, property and even my body are not mine because only and only my GOD is mine.

We make the things of the entire world our own, we start considering them as our own. We should forget all and consider only GOD as our own, with whom we have eternal relation, only then our welfare is possible. As soon as such an exclusive feeling comes for GOD, then there is no delay in union with GOD.

124 What is a must in devotion ? (Uniqueness in devotion is a must)

Devotion should always be exclusive. In all the Scriptures, it has been written about the exclusiveness of devotion at several places and several times. Exclusive means the absence of others just as many means the absence of one. In exclusive devotion, there is only GOD and our everything is only GOD. When exclusiveness comes in life, only and only GOD is mine, this feeling comes. We want to be of GOD along with everyone in the family, society, this is not exclusiveness. We should act with family, society as an actor acts on stage. Like that actor knows that he is only the character of that act and those who are on stage are not his own. Similarly, we should also believe the same on the stage of life.

The saints have given a very beautiful way of living life that keep looking like worldly but become only and only of GOD. This is the method that brings exclusiveness in devotion.

125 Of whom we should be in life ? (We should always remain only of GOD in life)

There is a huge difference between being "also" of GOD and being "only" of GOD. We belong to all and also belong to GOD, this is wrong. We should always remain only and only of GOD in life. We give place to family, society and everyone in the room of our heart and then we also call GOD. GOD needs a completely empty space. There is no empty space in our heart for GOD, so GOD does not come. But when a rare devotee keeps his heart empty only for the arrival of GOD, then GOD comes immediately.

Therefore, in life, one should always remain "only" of GOD. This is true devotion.

126 What is the true grace of GOD ? (The true grace of the GOD is the gift of devotion and love)

It is a very simple grace of GOD to get wealth, property, son, grandson, health, etc., from GOD. To receive the gift of devotion and love from GOD is an extraordinary and supreme grace of GOD. See our misfortune that we always ask for simple grace from GOD and that is what we get in life and in that we also agree. We never ask GOD for the gift of love and devotion. Our condition is like that of a frog in a pond, who considers the pond to be everything and does not know about the ocean. In the same way, we ask GOD for the happiness of the world and our attention does not go towards getting the ecstasy of devotion.

Therefore, in order to get the true grace of GOD in life, one should ask for devotion and love from GOD, not the world.

127 Who is our savior in adversity ? (In times of adversity GOD is our only savior)

When great adversity comes in life, the doors of all, the world and relatives start closing and finally, they are completely closed. But if that creature has faith and belief in GOD, then at the time of adversity he concentrates his attention on the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD and the open doors of GOD are opened more. Saints say in humor that the doors of GOD open so much that the doors and gatekeepers all move away so that there is no delay or hindrance in the help of GOD to the creature in adversity.

Saints say that the only need is that the creature should not depend on the world in the time of adversity but should be completely dependent only and only on GOD.

128 Whom should we love ? (We should just love GOD)

GOD created the world and us for Himself because GOD wanted to be many from one. GOD sent us into the world and we started loving the world, loving worldly relationships and have forgotten GOD. How sad GOD would be seeing that the creature created by Him does not love Him and loves the world. GOD keeps waiting for our love and we are entangled in the love of the world instead of GOD.

There is only GOD to be loved in the world because we are part of GOD and GOD is our origin. Therefore, the creature whose selfless and unconditional love is for GOD is blessed and his human life is blessed.

129 Our life goes on due to whose grace ? (Our life goes on by the grace of GOD)

We need GOD's grace at all times, in every situation and in every moment of life. It is foolish to think that even for a moment our life can go on without the grace of GOD. Just think where we do not need the grace of GOD ? By the grace of GOD, we get to sleep at night. Our every breath goes on by the grace of GOD. By the grace of GOD, every part of our body keeps working. Our intellect works by the grace of GOD. To say in one word, our whole life runs smoothly only by the grace of GOD.

GOD always showers his grace on the creature and does not want anything from us in return for His grace. GOD blesses even an atheist who does not believe in GOD. There is no one else who showers such selfless grace and grace in such abundance like GOD.

130 Who hears our call ? (Only GOD hears our call)

In a single moment so many innumerable creatures call upon GOD and the merciful GOD hears them all and removes their sufferings. So many aquatic, terrestrial, aerial and flora trapped in calamity, call on GOD every moment. Everyone's cry reaches GOD and the compassionate GOD helps everyone and extends help to all. In this, we get to see a glimpse of such unique grandeur and capability of GOD. Just imagine that apart from GOD does anyone have the capability to hear the call of billions of people every moment and have the capacity to solve and redress it. Other than GOD there is no one who has such a singular capability. Only and only GOD has this capability.

Therefore, in life, we should always live in the company of GOD, so that we face no ominous and we do not have to call GOD after getting trapped in adversity.