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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: By pursuing the devotional path, we can earn so much devotional power that it ties GOD with the love and affection cord of the devotee. Real grandeur, real assets and real splendor are only in the devotion of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The human being is so puny that he requires the "mercy of GOD" to step and progress on the devotional path. He cannot progress on the devotional path with his own power or wisdom because worldly illusion will get the better of him. Therefore without the mercy of GOD, it is not possible to step in the devotional path because the great storm of worldly illusion will blow him away and lead him astray.

Therefore whosoever devotees have progressed on this devotional path, they have all done so on strength of the mercy of GOD.

If we move two steps towards GOD in the devotional path, GOD moves four steps towards us. When GOD moves four steps towards us, the worldly illusion moves four steps away from us.

As a first principle we must understand that the more we progress towards GOD, He reciprocates by progressing much more towards us. GOD is ever willing and inclined to remove the distance between Him and His devotees. This principle must be seen as the first instance of "mercy of GOD".

As a second principle we must understand that the more we progress towards GOD, the worldly illusion takes an equivalent backseat. Just as there is a rule that the shadow follows a man. When we move, we do not have to ask the shadow to follow us because as a rule, it will do so. Likewise, there is a rule that worldly illusion will move in the opposite direction to GOD. When GOD comes in our life, we do not have to ask the worldly illusion to go away, it does so on its own. This principle must be seen as the second instance of "mercy of GOD".

After discussing the "mercy of GOD" required for progressing on the devotional path, let us discuss the "devotional power" which we derive with our progress on the devotional path.

Just see the power of devotion that during the progress on the devotional path we required the mercy of GOD but after progressing on the devotional path, we achieve so much devotional power (or GOD imbibes so much devotional power in us) that GOD gets influenced by the love and devotion of the devotees to such an extent that He even breaks His rule in the process.

GOD and GOD’s nature never breaks their rule but due to the devotion of devotees, they sometimes do so. Interpretation of two incidents of Holy Shri RamCharitManasji by the saints proves this fact. When Shri Bharatji went to the forest to pursue GOD Shree Ramji to accept the crown, nature despite the non-autumn season made the trees shed leaves so that it covers the route with a leaf cushion in order to comfort Shri Bharatji’s feet. During the entire exile period in the forest, GOD never ordered nature to comfort His feet by the cushion of leaves and walked on rocks and pebbles but He ordered nature to do so for His devotee. GOD made nature break its rules. GOD, Himself broke His rule for His devotee. The example of Bhagwati Shabari Mata is relevant here. In the dignity incarnation tied with the rule, GOD Shree Ramji broke His rule and accepted the eaten fruit of Bhagwati Shabari Mata. We feel blessed and privileged to receive the eaten food of the controller of the universe GOD as Prasad but the devotee loving GOD ate the eaten fruit of His devotee with great passion. It must be assumed that after putting the first fruit in His Holy mouth GOD blessed and provided salvation to Bhagwati Shabari Mata and freed her from the cycle of birth and rebirths. Then why did GOD eat so much fruit. Was it due to the sweetness of the fruits. No, it was the sweetness of devotion which GOD even remembered during Shri RamRajya (when He was crowned King) when Mother of the world GODDESS Bhagwati Janaki Mata used to bring the food and GOD use to say that it was delicious but not as much as the fruit which was offered by Her devotee Shabari.

The devotion so received by the mercy of GOD ties GOD with the emotions of love of His devotees and makes Him break His rule. Therefore the Holy Scriptures hail such devotion of GOD.

If we earn anything else than this magnificent and divine devotion, it is just like fetching pebbles from the ocean when we were supposed to fetch pearls. Human life is for earning the pearl of devotion. But see our misfortune that we accumulate the pebbles of worldly illusion and exhibit the same in the world with pride that we have earned such grandeur, such assets and such splendor. If we think like this we must realize that the worldly illusion has got the better of us because real grandeur, real assets and real splendor is only in the devotion of GOD for which we have received this rare human life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta