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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Getting trapped in illusion always leads to our downfall but when devotion reaches its pinnacle and GOD holds our hand then illusion does not deceive us any further. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We must always fear from GOD and must fear a lot. We must fear Him not because of His anger but due to the fact that our misdeeds will hurt Him and will sadden Him. We must fear because with our misdeeds we will lose the opportunity to be associated with Him and to be called “Children of GOD”.

More than GOD we should fear the “illusion (Maya) of GOD” because GOD is merciful and He will shower His mercy and dispense fear from His devotees. But GOD’s illusion is merciless and it never leaves anyone from being tied to its shackles.

The power of illusion is so strong that in a moment it takes us away from GOD. Only who has been able to tie himself with GOD or whose hand GOD has held, is saved. Apart from this exclusion, all others are blown away by illusion.

GOD holds our hand when our devotion reaches its pinnacle. Till this happens, there is always a chance that illusion may mislead us. Once misled, we go astray in life.

Shri Ajamilji got indulged in adultery and illusion got an upper hand and led to the downfall of a great scholar. Bhagwati Kaikeyi Mata got herself defamed due to her love for her son and the illusion got the better of her and due to it GOD in His pastimes had to go into exile.

Just like the "name of GOD" is assumed to be bigger than GOD, similarly, we must be scared of "GOD’s illusion" more than GOD. This is because the illusion is capable of leading us away from GOD and to make us go astray from the devotional path.

Therefore we must bring such vigor in our devotional pursuit, we must reach such a pinnacle in our devotional pursuit that GOD gets pleased and He mercifully recalls His illusion (GOD’s illusion is exclusively under the control of GOD) from our life and thereafter illusion will never tie us or will be able to influence us. Only by this means we will be able to save ourselves from illusion else it will always flump us. Before illusion flumps us, it is best to seek the mercy of GOD with our devotion.

GOD had showered such mercy on all His devotees at all times. History bears testimony to the fact that devotees after receiving the shower of the mercy of GOD had never got trapped in the web of illusion and had peacefully progressed on their devotional path.

The first example is that of Bhaktraj Shri Sudamaji. When GOD gave him the divine grandeur in the form of Sudamapuri in lieu of two handfuls of rice, then due to the mercy of GOD, his greed did not get the better of him. Shri Sudamaji told his wife Bhagwati Sushilaji to use the wealth in pilgrimage, charity and other noble acts for which she had a priority in life but due to poverty could not do it. But Shri Sudamaji continued his march on the devotional path without any deviation, unaffected by the wealth in his hut. GOD's illusion did not shackle this great devotee. In fact, by not shackling him, the illusion applauded this great devotee.

The second example is that of Bhaktraj Shri Narsi Mehtaji. He gave all his wealth to charity and took the devotional path. Devoid of wealth, his relatives teased and made a mockery of him and insulted him, still, the illusion of wealth could not get the better of him. He continued to march peacefully on the devotional path and did not seek wealth from GOD again in his life. It was for this reason that the GOD along with GODDESS Bhagwati Rukamani Mata came in to perform the ritual Maayra for his daughter. Thus the illusion bowed before this great devotee.

The ideology to save ourselves from being hammered by illusion is to get ourselves associated with GOD and through devotional pursuit make GOD associate with us.

In our human life, if we are able to hold the hand of GOD and if GOD holds our hand due to our devotion, then at that very moment the illusion takes a back seat and sheds away from our life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta