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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The article focuses on the very purpose of human life. The article highlights that when born in a human body, what should be our priority. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

When we are alone and in a solitude state, did we ever think or have even made an effort to think why we are blessed with a human life. After being born in 8.4 million different bodies of aquatic, aerial, terrestrial and flora and after a long travel we get a human body. Bestowing His kindness and mercy the all-merciful and compassionate GOD has blessed us presently with a human body. It is a platform for us to unshackle ourselves once and for all from the miseries of never ending cycle of 8.4 million births and rebirths.

But are we working towards achieving this goal or have we over engaged ourselves in unpurposeful worldliness. We must understand that it is best to keep ourselves engaged only in limited worldliness and to engage ourselves in fulfilling the essence and purpose of human life.

Now, we must now understand the meaning of ordinary worldliness. It means to have an equitable and harmonious relationship with all but at the same time avoid over engagement in unpurposeful worldliness with anyone. If and when necessary we must keep limited worldliness. Because this limited worldliness is much better than full-fledged worldliness where we waste a big part of our time, age and energy due to which we are devoid of time, age and energy for the fulfillment of the real purpose of human life and thus a GOD gifted golden opportunity goes in vain.

The best way to fulfill the purpose of human life is by undertaking the devotion of GOD. The true success of human life is the devotional path and it is the ultimate goal when born in a human body as it unshackles the cycle of 8.4 million births and gives Divine elated ecstasy (Ecstasy is bigger than ordinary worldly luxury and Divine elated ecstasy is the greatest).

But unfortunately, we indulge ourselves in worldliness and ordinary worldly luxuries and yet feel satisfied in our human endeavor. Here two adages fit very well.

The First adage - A frog in a pond enjoys the limited pond water and is unaware of the splendor of a river or an ocean. Likewise, we also enjoy the worldliness and ordinary luxuries of the world and assume it to be everything. We are unaware of the grandeur of devotion, the river which undergoes fusion with the ocean, the ALMIGHTY GOD.

The Second adage - If someone has not eaten a mango, he would not be able to judge its taste. Unless eaten by self, no one can explain the sweetness. Likewise one has to experience ecstasy by virtue of undertaking devotion and thereafter with its vigorous persuasion can experience the highest platform of Divine elated ecstasy.

Therefore we must not be satisfied like a "frog in a pond" by engaging in worldliness and enjoying ordinary worldly luxuries but by undertaking the devotional path try to experience ecstasy and then Divine elated ecstasy.

This is the path that will lead to a union with GOD. This is also the path of unification of an individual soul with the UNIVERSAL SOUL. And most importantly, this is the path that leads to the fulfillment of the very purpose of human life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta